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Valevino Skinny Dip | Prosecco

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Origin: Veneto, Italy  

Type: Extra Dry Prosecco

Size: 750ml | ABV: 11.5%

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Flavor Profile

Valevino Skinny Dip is soft, crisp, and refreshing (just like a quick dip in a cool lake)!

You may sense notes of light citrus, honey, and white pepper.

Serving recommendations

We recommend serving this wine chilled.

Valevino Skinny Dip pairs well with: mild cheeses 🧀, popcorn 🌽, sushi 🍣, seafood pasta 🍝 & cured meats 🥓

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Valevino Skinny Dip | Prosecco

Sip & tell

  • Excellent choice, we love it ! Becoming our go to Prosecco for mimosas or celebrations !

    5.0 stars on Vivino

    JB S.
  • I don’t usually like Prosecco but I’m kinda obsessed with this one! It’s light and refreshing and honestly perfection in a bottle. I’m bringing it to everything this spring/summer.

    5.0 stars on Vivino

    Dani A.
  • Pleasant, crisp, and lightly sweet!

    4.5 stars on Vivino

    Emily D.
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Unconventional pairings

  • Bingeable shows

    White Lotus | While the salacious scandals from the latest season of White Lotus are filling your screen, fill your cup your cup with this refreshing Italian bubbly. 

    Sex and the City | A show we’ll never get tired of! Just like Samantha, Valevino Skinny Dip is bubbly with a hint of scandal.

  • Movies

    Mamma Mia | Mamma Mia - here we go again! Dive into this seaside treat with a little Valevino Skinny Dip. P.S. we’ve heard a Prosecco bottle makes a great microphone…

    To Catch a Thief | You can never go wrong with a classic – just like Valevino Skinny Dip it's perfect for a girls night or a solo night in.

  • Books

    Bad Summer People | Splash into the exclusive world of Fire Island with a glass of bubbly in hand. If you’re a Real Housewives fan, you’ll love this read!

    Lessons In Chemistry | Channel your inner Elizabeth Zott by exploring the science behind popping a cork off a Prosecco bottle.

  • Tunes

    Need some songs to sip to?

    Skinny Dip on Spotify
  • European vineyards

    We source our wines from family-run vineyards which abide by strict EU quality standards.

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    Picking the right wine is tough! We test all our wines on a wide variety of consumers (like you!) to ensure we choose wines you'll love.

  • No unwanted additives

    All our wines are thoughtfully made with you in mind. We never add extra colors, concentrates or unnecessary sugars.

  • About the grapes

    Valevino Skinny Dip is made from a blend of Glera, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay grapes which give it its lovely bright straw yellow color with greenish hues. The harvest for these grapes starts around the middle of September.

  • Behind the wine

    Valevino Skinny Dip comes from a vineyard in the Veneto region in the north of Italy where the grapes are carefully guarded by a trusty vineyard pup named Poli. Something that makes Prosecco special is that it is only able to be produced in a portion of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions in Italy. This area is near Venice and on a clear day from some vineyards you can see the Venice Lagoon.

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