About Vinat

Vinat is a sister-founded, women-led company in a male-dominated industry.

Our passion for wine began through a love of travel and understanding people and places. Like the diverse places wine comes from, we realized wine is dynamic and brings people together.

We started our first business together, Fofas, with a friend of ours during the pandemic. Fofas was a women’s luxury accessories business which we ultimately decided to sunset as we were all moving to different cities. We loved the experience and from Fofas, we learned that we work well together. With the many learnings from this first venture, we began looking out for our next!

Sarah worked in corporate roles (primarily finance) before pursuing her MBA at IESE in Barcelona. Outside her “day job” Sarah had a side project of Travel Blogging. Emily worked across consulting and the startup world in UX design and research primarily focused on disruptive innovation. Sarah working on her MBA in Spain gave us an opportunity to learn more about the wine industry. We applied our skills from our day jobs to our love of wine and identified an opportunity to shake up an industry we're passionate about.

When we began telling friends we were starting a wine business nearly all of them apologized for not having enough knowledge on wine. 

Wine is fun and exciting, it shouldn’t be intimidating. 

We created Vinat to make wine more approachable and fun – as it should be.



Sarah & Emily

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