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Italy, Slovenia

Valevino Tasting Trio

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Sample all three of our Valevino wines! This set is perfect for a girl's night, dinner party, or just everyday drinking & gifting.
What's in the box?

Valevino Skinny Dip | Extra Dry Prosecco, Italy

Valevino Out of Office | White Blend, Slovenia

Valevino Cha Cha Cha | Red Blend, Slovenia

Serving recommendations

If serving these wines tasting style we recommend going in order from light to dark: starting with Valevino Skinny Dip (sparkling), followed by Valevino Out of Office (white blend), and ending with Valevino Cha Cha Cha (red blend).

Click on each wine to learn more about pairing and serving recommendations.

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Valevino Tasting Trio

Sip & tell

  • Excellent choice, we love it ! Becoming our go to Prosecco for mimosas or celebrations !

    Valevino Skinny Dip Prosecco – 5.0 stars on Vivino

    JB S.
  • I love a smooth, crisp wine and Vinat’s “Out of Office” does not disappoint! It has a refreshing, citrus taste that is perfectly balanced. Not only is the wine delicious but the label is gorgeous. I can’t wait to gift it for pretty much everything. Definitely going to the top of my favorites list!

    Valevino Out of Office – 5.0 stars on Vivino

    Dani A.
  • Very bold taste and not overly fruity, love the smell. Overall fantastic wine!

    Valevino Cha Cha Cha – 4.7 stars on Vivino

    Adrian P.
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About the wines

  • Valevino Skinny Dip Prosecco

    Valevino Skinny Dip is soft, crisp, and refreshing (just like a quick dip in a cool lake)! You may sense notes of light citrus, honey, and white pepper.

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  • Valevino Out of Office White Blend

    Valevino Out of Office is light, dry, and fruity with a smooth finish. This wine will transport you to your favorite out of office activity, whether it's lounging by the pool or enjoying a meal at a picturesque cafe in a far off country. You may sense notes of lemon, citrus, apple and herbs.

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  • Valevino Cha Cha Cha Red Blend

    Valevino Cha Cha Cha is full and warm, with extremely balanced tannins. It's a real gem for dry red wine lovers who want to try something fun and new. You may sense notes of red fruits, vanilla, chocolate, and oak.

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Valevino Skinny Dip | Prosecco
Valevino Out of Office | White Blend
Valevino Cha Cha Cha | Red Blend

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