Skinny Dip Prosecco Margaritas Recipe

Skinny Dip Prosecco Margaritas Recipe


We came up with our Skinny Dip Prosecco Margarita recipe when we were first planning our launch party. Living in Texas sparked my love of tequila and we wanted to bring a little Texas flare to our launch. I never would have thought to put Prosecco in a margarita, but Sarah had the inspired idea and I crafted the recipe around it.

Keeping true to our Austin, Texas roots we recommend using 512 Blanco Tequila. I usually prefer the taste of a blanco tequila – I think it blends a bit nicer than a gold tequila (gold tequilas are usually aged in barrels and are bolder).

For sweetness, I always add a splash of fresh orange juice to my margaritas. It adds a little freshness and reduces the amount of agave or simple syrup you need. The Prosecco also has a bit of sweetness, so keep this in mind when you’re making the margarita pre-Prosecco. Everyone has slightly different taste buds so I always recommend testing out your amounts of agave and orange juice to match your preferences.


Serving size: 2



3 oz tequila blanco

2 oz Cointreau or Triple Sec

4 oz lime juice

2 oz orange juice

1-2 tsp agave (can sub for simple syrup or sugar)

1 bottle of Valevino Skinny Dip Prosecco (chilled)

Salt & limes for serving


Step 1:

Combine tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, orange juice, and agave a shaker or pitcher with a bit of ice.


Step 2:

Prep your glasses. For salting the rim I run a lime along the top of the glass and then dip in into salt (usually spread on a small plate).


Step 3:

Fill your glasses halfway with the margarita mixture before adding an equal amount of Prosecco. (The result should be 1/2 margarita, 1/2 Prosecco)


Step 4:

Garnish with a lime & enjoy!



X Emily