Wine with Taylor Simmons

Wine with Taylor Simmons

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I run Coco Shop, a printed, cotton clothing brand that was founded by friends of my grandparents in Antigua in the Caribbean in 1949.


I live in Brooklyn, New York with my husband and our daughter.

Red, White, or Bubbly?


Favorite binge-worthy show?

I just watched Dawson's Creek for the first time and loved it. I could not stop watching.

Dream vacation?

Either to Antigua, which is the only place I really relax, or to somewhere new that I haven't been to before. I am curious and want to explore. The nooks and crannies of Scandinavia are top of my list like the islands off of Gothenburg, Sweden or the coast of Norway.

Go-to wine night pairing?

Probably cheese, crackers and honey - I ruin my dinner every time.

Guilty pleasure?

Dessert after breakfast, lunch and dinner, although I don't usually feel guilty about it. I have a sweet tooth and I embrace it.

You’ve had a lot of success in your career - what’s your best career advice? 

Best career advice would probably be just taking forward steps every day. I often feel as if I am moving in place, but then I reflect and think of how much I've learned and how much that learning has brought confidence.

Quick sips 🥂

Beach or Mountains 

City or Country

Night out or Night in

Salty or Sweet


  1. Coco Shop's Scoop Neck Dress silhouette in any print - it's a 100% cotton, washable, wear all day, wear to evening cocktails dress that I don't travel without.
  2. Tata Harper's Repairative Moisturizer - I can't fall asleep at night without it.
  3. Rondo Matte Gold Flatware - You can live without it, but we registered for this gold flatware for our wedding and it makes simple meals at home feel special.
  4. Coco Shop's Thank You For Dinner Stationery - Recreated from an original 1970s version, this is a fun hostess gift that you know your hostess has never previously received and/or such a surprising way to thank a friend for dinner. It's almost as easy as sending a text.

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