Wine with Olivia Abrams

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CEO & Co-Founder of TiCK MiTT



Red, White, or Bubbly?

Usually white, but I love a good Prosecco or bubbly rosé

Favorite binge-worthy show?

Right now, I'm binging Entourage for the first time and love it!

Dream vacation?

African safari & vineyard hopping

Go-to wine night pairing?

White wine with a big bowl of penne ala vodka

Guilty pleasure?

I have a big sweet tooth and can't end the day without at least one chocolate chip cookie.

You’ve had a lot of success in your career - what’s your best career advice? 

Put yourself out there. Go to events and introduce yourself to people. You never know where a new connection may lead you.

Quick sips 🥂

Beach or Mountains 

City or Country

Night out or Night in

Salty or Sweet

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