Wine with Irene Crocker

Wine with Irene

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@ontheglowspa @ireeenbean


Founder / Entrepreneur of On the Glow - an on-demand beauty service platform in Spain


Barcelona, Spain

Red, White, or Bubbly?


Favorite binge-worthy show?

Right now, I am loving Succession. But I have seen Sex in the City about 5 times start to finish. It's a binge-worthy go-to.

Dream vacation?

The Maldives - The beaches look stunning

Go-to wine night pairing?

In Barcelona, I always order Verdejo white wine and I usually pair it with a fresh or seafood tapa like tomato salad or razor clams.

Guilty pleasure?

So many! I love a good margarita, A night out with friends where we dance all night, and I regularly book 90 minute at-home deep tissue massages with my company On the Glow. It's my favorite.

You’ve had a lot of success in your career - what’s your best career advice? 

It sounds traditional, but I believe in a good work ethic combined with a curiosity to learn. It's important also to understand what field you find exciting. If you don't believe in the product, service, or industry you are in, it makes it that much harder to be engaged, and hence successful. Once you believe in what you do, there are so many possibilities.

Quick sips 🥂

Beach or Mountains 

City or Country

Night out or Night in

Salty or Sweet


Soft cover Moleskin Notebook - I have been purchasing for 10+ years. I still write my to do lists on paper

Lip masks (Bite beauty if I can purchase in the US. Laneige in Europe)

Dyson Airwrap - it was expensive but so worth it. I no longer use blow dryers after purchasing

Rose water - I spray my face when I travel, throughout the day, after putting on makeup. Mario Badescu has a good one, or you can buy from a pharmacy in Europe.

Overnight masks - I routinely do 3+ times a week. It does wonders for my skin. I am currently using Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask. I also like Origins Drink Up Intensive.

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