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Amanda & Elodie

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Amanda: @amandakkarr

Elodie: @elodieclowes


Co-founders of fuse


New York, NY 

Red, White, or Bubbly?

Amanda: Totally depends on where I am, my mood, what I'm eating… but I tend to reach for the red

Elodie: I always go for the white!

Favorite binge-worthy show?

Amanda: White Collar 

Elodie: The Great British Baking Show…I’m obsessed

Dream vacation?

Amanda:  My dream vacation is going anywhere where I'm able to experience a culture different from my own. I appreciate a good mix of activity and relaxation while on vacation; I'm partial to the coast, so bonus points if the place is seaside. A few places I have yet to visit but am eager to see include Thailand, South Africa, and Japan. 

Elodie: I’ve always gravitated towards holiday destinations where I can relax and indulge in adventurous experiences, rather than exploring a city. Australia has been a long-standing dream for me, as it seems like the ideal location to combine adventure and relaxation. Hoping to make it there sometime soon!

Go-to wine night pairing?

Amanda: Cheese and dips of all kinds with any kind of wine. Don't forget the crackers!

Elodie: Nothing better than an ice cream and wine combination after a delicious dinner. Preferably, vanilla ice cream (I know...boring) and white wine. This would be my ideal date night!

Guilty pleasure?

Amanda: If it's Biscoff flavored, I'll eat two of them. Maybe three.

Elodie: Anything Biscoff flavored - cake, cookie, ice cream, muffin, you name it

You’ve had a lot of success in your career - what’s your best career advice? 

Amanda: It might sound a little weird, but get over yourself! You will never know everything you need to know, so be open to receiving advice, constructive criticism, and guidance. There is truly something to learn from everyone. Ask for help when and where you need it. Don't be shy. In order to make a name for yourself, you have to be willing to put yourself out there - so get over yourself and do it. 

Elodie: As a first-time founder, my best career advice would be to embrace the abundance of information and advice that comes your way but trust your instincts. Starting a venture can be overwhelming. While it’s important to absorb different perspectives, it’s equally crucial to filter and prioritize based on your gut feeling and vision for YOUR company. 

Quick sips 🥂

  • Amanda

    Beach or Mountains

    City or Country

    Night out or Night in

    Salty or Sweet

  • Elodie

    Beach or Mountains

    City or Country

    Night out or Night in

    Salty or Sweet


Amanda: A good water bottle - I love my Takeya (it comes with me everywhere), Supergoop's Vitamin C Serum (I always get compliments on my skin when it's on), my kindle (nothing like being able to start a new book immediately upon finishing another, without even having to leave your comfy reading spot!), a good journal and pen (I'm partial to a Moleskine and uni-ball (blue ink!) combo), my B Mat yoga mat (my days start with yoga, and I'm very particular about my mat), and my AirPods (I couldn't survive one day without music).

Elodie: This is a silly one, but Vaseline is an absolute must have - it’s a constant companion, far superior to Chapstick! I’m very specific about my socks; only KB socks make the cut, and naturally, they have to match. And let’s not forget my indispensable L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders; I’ve been relying on them for about a decade now - can’t imagine life without these essentials!

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