Bringing you wine you'll love for less

By selling wine directly to you we're able to sell you higher quality wine at a lower cost.

How it works

What does this mean?

Wine has a long journey before it makes it to your home. Typically, wine is purchased from a vineyard → imported by an importer → sent to a distributor → sent to a store → purchased by you. Each step along the way can mark up the price of the wine by 20-30% because of the transportation costs and commissions made by all the people who touch the wine along the way. Vinat is different. We are working directly with vineyards and cutting out some middlemen. This means we can offer you high-quality wine at a fair price. 

About our partners

Who we work with is as important as the product we are selling. We’ve sought out partners who have integrity, talent and are people with whom we are proud to partner.

We’re incredibly proud that many businesses we work with are women-run or owned. 

We don't sell anything that we don't use ourselves. 

We love our wine & merch! We test all our products extensively to ensure top-notch quality.