Planning a Prosecco-themed bachelorette party

Planning a Prosecco-themed bachelorette party

What could be more fitting to celebrate the Italy-loving bride's impending vows than a Prosecco-themed bachelorette party? Here are some tips to make it truly special:

  • Order the Prosecco! We may be biased, but we love Skinny Dip Prosecco because the labels are Instagram-worthy, easy to drink, and a great conversation starter.
  • Set the party tone with Prosecco-themed invites. We love these from Paperless Post
  • Choose decorations that are playful and colorful. We love these banners, canvas bags, and this Italian Summer bachelorette kit.
  • Set up a Prosecco bar with a variety of supplies to make Prosecco cocktails. Some favorites are Prosecco Margaritas, Hugo Spritz, and the classic Aperol Spritz. 
  • Have plenty of snacks. One of our favorite things about prosecco is that it's so versatile. It goes well with sweet and savory snacks. Our favorite Prosecco pairings are popcorn, potato chips, fresh berries, and macarons. 
  • Plan fun activities like a Prosecco pong.

Choosing the perfect venue

If you're planning a Prosecco-themed bachelorette party, you'll want to select a venue with a bubbly and fun vibe. Great options are trendy rooftop bars, Airbnbs (ideally with a pool), or beachy locations. 

Prosecco-inspired decorations and music

Prosecco and Italy-inspired decorations can set the mood for a fun party. We love Etsy for finding great party decor. To keep it simple, we recommend buying an Italian summer-themed kit like this one. Other ideas are Italian Moped balloons, sparkly garlands, and custom banners. 

For music, consider this Italian cooking playlist on Spotify or our Skinny Dip Prosecco playlist. 

Creating a bubbly menu

For a Prosecco-themed bachelorette party, your bubbly menu can include a variety of Prosecco-based cocktails like Prosecco margaritas, Hugo Spritz, Aperol spritz, and mimosas. Customized champagne flutes and glassware can be a fun way to personalize the party further. You can also incorporate the Prosecco into desserts and make Prosecco jello shots

Gifting the bride-to-be with Prosecco-themed presents

Planning a wedding can be stressful! Some fun ideas for Prosecco-themed gifts the bride-to-be will love are colored glassware, Prosecco candles, Prosecco-scented bath bombs, and wine.