Palma Bay, Mallorca

Palma City Guide

Palma is one of those places I can’t stop returning to! The city is vibrant, fun, and the perfect blend between a relaxed island town and a city. My favorite time to visit is during the shoulder season (May/September), when the crowds are a little less, but the weather is still great. 


Summum Prime Boutique Hotel

Summum is my favorite place I’ve stayed in Palma. The decor is tasteful, the rooms are comfortable and quiet, and the location is central. 

Eat & Drink


Do yourself a favor and stop here for breakfast or brunch. Santosha has the most fantastic food and atmosphere.

Can’t miss: Santosha’s homemade ginger beer

The Duke

The Duke is always crowded for good reason. The food and atmosphere are wonderful. The Duke is located in a local area with many fun bars and restaurants, so I recommend starting here and checking out the lively nightlife afterward. 

Can't miss: ceviche

La Vieja de Jonay Hdez

La Vieja de Jonay Hdez is one of my favorite restaurants in Palma. They are known for making excellent Canary Islands food. I recommend coming here for lunch and getting the menu del dia. 

Can't miss: Incredible Hulk 

Restaurant Botànic

Restaurant Botànic has excellent vegetarian dishes, cocktails, and a great wine menu. I recommend booking a table for pre-dinner drinks and apps here (ask for outside). 

Can't miss: the drink menu


Sa Ximbomba, Palma, Mallorca
Sa Ximbomba

Sa Ximbomba

Sa Ximbomba is a quick cab or bus ride from the central part of Palma. They have a wonderful outdoor garden (call and reserve a table for outside), great pizza, and a local atmosphere. 

Can't miss: the Mallorca pizza

Bar Abaco

Bar Abaco is the perfect place for a pre-dinner drink in Palma - ask to sit in their courtyard. Bar Abaco can be pricier for drinks, but it is well worth the splurge for the amazing decor, great service, and excellent cocktails. I recommend getting here a few minutes before it opens because Bar Abaco doesn't take reservations, and there can be a wait. 

Can't miss: the cocktail menu


Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a trendy spot in Palma. This neighborhood has great restaurants, bars, and design boutiques. I highly recommend checking out the Santa Catalina food market. 

Rialto Living

Rialto Living is a department store in Palma with beautiful decor and a great cafe. Stop in here for a unique souvenir or an afternoon coffee.

Catedral de Mallorca, Palma, Mallorca
Catedral de Mallorca

Catedral de Mallorca

Catedral de Mallorca can't be missed. This enormous gothic Catedral is beautiful from the outside and dominates the Palma skyline. I reccomend visiting early before the crowds. 


Palma is filled with plenty of great shopping. There are plenty of local boutiques and international shops. For truly unique finds, I recommend making an appointment at Santa Palma's showroom (handbags) and stopping in my favorite boutique, Folklorious


Port de Pollença

Port de Pollença is located in northern Mallorca. This beautiful beach town has a lovely boardwalk and is an excellent place for beaches and boating. 

Belmond, Deia, Mallorca
Belmond,  Deià, Mallorca


Deià is popular for a reason. This idyllic village is charming and filled with artists. I recommend walking around the town and booking in advance lunch or dinner at one of Belmond's restaurants. The hotel grounds are beautiful and well worth exploring after your meal. 

Portals Nous 

Portals Nous has some of my favorite beaches I visited in Mallorca. I recommend parking in the town and exploring the beaches. After you are done with the sun, book a table at UM Beach House for lunch or dinner. 

Visit a Vineyard 

Mallorca has some incredible wines. I recommend taking some time to learn about Mallorcan wine while you are on the island. Cati Ribot is a female natural wine maker making waves in the Spanish wine industry on the island. If you get a chance, book a visit to her winery. 

X Sarah


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