Tallinn City Guide

Tallinn City Guide

Tallinn is straight out of a fairytale. This beautiful little city is more than just great Instagrams - it has an entrepreneurial culture and renowned culinary scene. Estonia is known for its booming tech scene and has become quite a popular stopover because of its idyllic seaside location and proximity to Helsinki.


Tallinn, Estonia Street

Tallinn, Old Town


City Center Apartment

Looking for a centrally located & stylish place to stay? Look no further than this cozy Airbnb located in an old spirits factory.  This soulful apartment is beautifully designed and within walking distance to just about everything.


Nordic Hotel Forum

The Nordic Hotel Forum is located in downtown Tallinn within walking distance of Old Town, the harbor, and some great shopping. If you’re looking for a way to relax after a long day of exploring, this hotel is also known for its fantastic pool and spa.


Rataskaevu 16, Tallinn, Estonia

Rataskaevu 16

Eat & Drink

Rataskaevu 16 

Rataskaevu 16, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Rataskaevu 16 is popular for good reason. When dining here you will sample the most amazing bread I’ve ever eaten, also known as a cloud of gluten-filled happiness. Be sure to make a reservation because I’m convinced people come to Tallinn simply to converse with the amazing waitstaff at Rataskaevu 16. From the selection of Estonian Cheeses to the Braised Elk Roast I was consistently impressed with everything on Rataskaevu 16’s menu.

Can’t miss: the bread


Manna la Roosa

Vana-Viru 15, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

While we came to Manna La Roosa for dinner I could immediately tell that this gem is not only known for their food. The drink menu is wonderfully creative and compliments the eclectic decor. Whether you are looking for a memorable dinner or a night on the town, look no further.

Can’t miss: The cocktail menu


Must Puudel

Kuninga 4, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia

I stumbled into Must Puudel while dodging the rain and looking for a refreshing cup of tea. The fresh mint tea was fantastic and the atmosphere brought me back for breakfast. Must Puudel is known for their bruschettas and is a great spot for a quick bite or a lazy afternoon filled with good beer.

Can’t miss: Bruschetta


Grenka Cafe

Pärnu maantee 76, 10131 Tallinn, Estonia

Grenka Cafe is a local favorite known for their delectable brunch complete with pancakes and grenkas (loaded toasts). Grenka prides themselves on cooking simple, honest food throughout the day.

Can’t miss: grenkas


Sigmund Freud Bar

Sauna 8, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

If you have a dirty sense of humor like I do, you will truly appreciate the cocktail menu at Sigmund Freud Bar. On the other hand, if you are easily offended, it may be better to simply ask for the bartender's recommendation. I had the Boobs & Clooney and it was a fun twist on a whiskey sour.

Can’t miss: Boobs & Clooney


Balti Jaam

Kopli 1, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

Balti Jaam is a massive indoor market located in the Kalamaja district complete with floors of food vendors, local artists, and vintage shops. This is a great place to grab lunch or a midday snack.

Can’t miss: Pelmen 



Old Town

Tallinn’s most famous attraction is its well-preserved medieval Old Town. Tallinn is a port city which gets a lot of cruise ships passing through so Old Town does pack up with tourists during the day. The best times to visit are early in the morning or late afternoon. Midday is the perfect time to explore Kalamaja District or the Kadriorg Palace.


Kalamaja District

This is a spread out district known for its colorful houses and unique street art. The best way to get there is to route to a specific location such as Talli Design (a local design shop) or F-Hoone bar. Kalamaja is dotted with local fashion shops, craft beer, and unique street art. This is the ideal corner of town where you can stumble into any pub and be perfectly content with your choice. 


Kadriorg Palace

Weizenbergi 37, 10127 Tallinn, Estonia

After seeing the scars of years of occupation in the form of countless whitewashed churches and barren castles on our Baltic trip I was surprised to come across an awe-inspiring, lavish, castle. Kadriorg Palace was built in 1718 by Peter the Great of Russia for his wife Catherine the Great. The interior of this palace is absolutely stunning down to the last detail with gardens to match. The grounds surrounding the palace are now a sprawling park, perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Tallinn, Estonia Look out spot

The Times We Had Lookout

The Times We Had Lookout

On the hunt for the perfect Instagram? This lookout has a breathtaking view of Tallinn’s famous Old Town, but it is very popular. The best time to visit this spot is early in the morning or around sunset.


Old City Walls

Tallinn is a very well preserved medieval city which is very evident, especially so when you stumble upon the Old City Walls. I felt like I was running around Winterfell while exploring the watchtowers.  When climbing around be sure to watch your step! 


Museum of Occupations and Freedom

Toompea 8, 10142 Tallinn, Estonia

By far, the most impactful part of my trip to the Baltics was my visit to the Estonian Occupation Museum. Here you will go on a solo narrated journey through Estonia’s recent history from the crowded railroad cars transporting Estonians to hard labor camps through the dissolution of the Soviet Union. My number one thing I recommend to everyone going to this city is a visit to the Museum of Occupations and Freedom. It was one of the most impactful and thought-provoking places I’ve ever been to. 


Liviko Distillery

Masina 11, Tallinn 10144, Estonia

Liviko makes a variety of alcohols known throughout the world from Dewer’s and Grey Goose to lesser-known brands like the local Vana Tallinn. Liviko’s tour packages include a factory visit, tasting, and cocktail training at the Liviko Beverage Academy.




Helsinki is a short, scenic ferry ride from Tallinn. We took the Eckerö Line from Tallinn to Helsinki which took about 2 hours. You could hop on an early morning ferry and come back to Tallinn at night or spend a few days across the Baltic. The Finnish have a love of saunas and beautiful parks which makes Helsinki the perfect place to relax. 


Rummu Prison

To those of you who like a good adventure, Rummu prison was the one place I regret not visiting while in Tallinn due to time constraints. Rummu is an abandoned Soviet Prison which is in the middle of a quay known for attracting swimmers. It’s an hour and a half train ride outside of Tallinn, and honestly, this is one for the bucket list!


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